Information for Administrators

This section is for administrators and officials who will be creating and/or implementing policies to prepare Clubs for returning players under the ongoing PST measure implementation. Unions, Competitions and Clubs are strongly recommended to create written policies and operating procedures. Such policies and procedures must be compliant with WHO guidelines together with local laws and COVID-19- specific policies issued by government and local authorities. This framework document is accompanied by several support documents from the WHO which are useful to ensure player and staff safety.(3,9–11) There is also an operational document attached (appendix 2) that provides a template for a WHO- compliant strategy to manage a return to training, play and competition.

Unions, Competitions and Clubs should be conscious of the risks involved in allowing players to return to training and playing. The WHO mass gathering risk assessment(9) and measurement tool(10) – for sports federations, are useful measures of an organisation’s preparedness for hosting team, and ultimately matches.