HAINES recovery position (face up)

Step 1: Kneel by the casualty. Raise the arm on your side to the side of the head.

Step 2: Support the head and roll onto side by pulling the opposite knee towards you.

Step 3: Support the weight of the casualty with the bent knee and place the hand under the cheek. Ensure the head is tilted back and the casualty is breathing normally.

Skill 7

HAINES recovery position (face up)

  1. Release MILS.
  2. Kneel alongside the casualty at the level of the upper back.
  3. Raise the nearest arm so it lies alongside the head.
  4. Bend the opposite knee up to act as a lever.
  5. Place your hand to support the head.
  6. Place your other hand on the opposite bent knee.
  7. Support the head as you pull the knee towards you, turning the casualty over onto their side.
  8. Use the bent knee and the uppermost arm to brace the casualty on their side.
  9. Repeat DR ABC, consider MILS and airway opening manoeuvre, e.g. MILS.
  10. Shout for help as appropriate.
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