World Rugby Passport. User information for Union Training Managers and Admistrators

Further information on the Course Administration System User Guide specific to your role.


Member union Training Managers can request access to the Course Administration System (IRIS) by contacting their Regional Training Manager (RTM). Only one person per member union can have Union Training Manager Access.


The system has a number of different roles which can be assigned to users from our member unions. Each role has different permissions and functions available. These are as follows:

Union Training Manager

Union Training Managers can:

Union Administrator

Union Administrators can:

IRIS Backend User

IRIS Backend Users can:


Union Training Managers and Administrators are also able to view details of Licenced Educators and Trainers within their union, flitering by status, Quality Assurance (QA) stuatus, strand, level and time to expiry. Union Training Managers should liaise with their Regional Training Manager and Medical Education Manager on a monthly basis to review licences up for renewal. Once agreed, and subject to the Educator/Trainer meeting the criteria, the Regional Training Manager and / or Medical Education Managers will renew their licence. Should Educators or Trainers not meet the relicening criteria then their licence will not be renewed.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance is an important tool to maintain the quality of the training and education workforce.

All Educators should be quality assured at least once in the duration of their licence (every two years) by a Trainer from the same strand, a Master Trainer, or an RTM (or Medical Education Manager).

All Trainers should be quality assured at least once in the duration of their licence (every two years) by a Master Trainer, an RTM (or Medical Education Manager).

Quality Assurance Is a criterion for relicensing.

Unions are responsible for ensuring their workforce of Educators and Trainers are quality assured. This is part of the condition of delivering World Rugby Courses.

Union Training Managers must liaise with the Regional Training Managers (RTM) and Medical Education Managers (MEM) as part of the re-licensing process to arrange the Quality Assurance of their workforce.

Why do we conduct Quality Assurance?

This new system has been developed to enable more rigorous completion of the Quality Assurance process. The licence(s) of your Union's Training and Education workforce will show one of the current QA statuses below:

QA complete QA for this license period is completed
Awaiting QA QA for this license period has not been done but there is sufficient time to get it completed
QA Due QA needs to be completed within a year
QA Due Imminently QA needs to be completed within the next 6 months
Below Standard If below standard, then this will be taken into account for relicensing and your Trainer will arrange a follow-up sesson. Note: If you receive Below Standard twice, your licence will be revoked.

Please ensure you liaise with your RTM on a monthly basis to effect the QA process.

Quality Assurance (QA) process

Steps to requesting for a QA - Master Trainer and Trainers (Auditors)
  1. The course where the QA is to be generated from will need to be registered in the system the first instance.
  2. The recipient of the QA (Auditee) must be added as course deliverer.
  3. Once the above is completed, please contact your RTM via email and list the individual/s (Auditee/s) who will be receiving the QA.
  4. RTM will then create the QA on passport.
Steps to saving and publishing a QA
  1. Once the RTM has created the QA, the Master Trainer/Trainer (Auditor) conducting the QA, and the recipient (Auditee) of the QA will then be informed via email.
  2. Auditor to click on the link provided in the email and click on “My Assigned QAs”
  3. Input information as required, and click on “Submit for Auditee feedback” Note:
    • Auditor has the option to enter the auditee's feedback/self-reflections (if available).

    • Once Auditor clicks “PUBLISH”, no further changes can be made.

    • Auditor can click on “SAVE” to remain in draft mode.

4. Upon clicking “Submit to Auditee for feedback”, the auditee receiving the QA will be sent an automated email with the heading “Educator audit self-reflection required”. This will be with a link to complete the self-reflection component of the QA. Once done, the auditor effecting to feedback will be informed via email.

5. Once the auditor is satisfied that all the required information (Self-reflection & action plan) have been entered, and there are no more edits to be made, please click on “PUBLISH”.

6. Upon auditor clicking “PUBLISH”, the RTM, auditor and auditee will then receive email links to the completed QA, and auditees license will then be extended for another two years subject to the continued support of their union.