Training and Education Workforce Information

The following pages contain key information for our Training and Education Workforce which consists of Union Training Managers, Union Training Administrators and our network of Licenced Trainers and Educators.

Training and Education Workforce Guide

This guide aims to provide Unions, Educators and Trainers (and potential Educators and Trainers) with information on the process for nominations to the Training and Education Workforce as well as the roles and the requirements of the Training and Education Workforce. It should also be used to assist in the selection process of potential Trainers and Master Trainers by the Regional Training Managers (RTM), Medical Education Managers (MEM) and the Union Training Manager.

Licenced Trainer and Educator Code of Conduct

World Rugby Educators and Trainers have a key role to play in the promotion and development of the game. They are global role models and as such are expected to “live the values” of Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Passion, and Solidarity. They also have a significant role to play in ensuring the welfare of learners on courses and the welfare of the players the learners go onto coach, officiate, care for, or administrate. To reflect the importance of their role, all licensed Educators and Trainers are required to comply with and abide by the Training and Education Code of Conduct and World Rugby’s Code of Conduct.

World Rugby Passport. Training and Education Course Administration System User Guide

This guide will help you through the administrative process of running a World Rugby course and details the information you must provide to World Rugby, with step-by-step instructions.

World Rugby Passport. User information for Union Training Managers and Administrators

Further information on the Course Administration System User Guide specific to your role.

IRIS Video Guides

Video guides to assist completing various administrative processes within the IRIS system.

Quality Assurance - Coach Logic

A new way of completing your QA by video submission

Additional Resources