Welcome to the Officiating strand.

The online modules in this strand aim to:

We recommend that all Match Officials complete the Introductory module prior to attending our Face-to-face officiation courses.


Introduction to Match Officiating (Pre-Level 1)

This module aims to provide learners who have an interest in becoming a match official with a basic level of understanding of how to referee. Upon completion of this module you should be ready to undertake the face-to-face Introduction to Match Officiating (L1) course delivered by Licenced World Rugby Educators.

Match Observation Programme

The purpose of this online resource is to help various Rugby stakeholders to observe matches and match officials (MOs) more objectively. The resource can be used as an individual learning tool and it also acts as a prerequisite for the World Rugby Coaches of Match Officials (CMO) Level 1 course.

Technical Zone Programme

The information contained in this programme aims to provide the sideline personnel responsible for the technical zone with an overview of protocols required, particularly in relation to functional roles, competencies and roles and responsibilities.