World Rugby Passport. User information for Union Training Managers and Admistrators

Further information on the Course Administration System User Guide specific to your role.


Member union Training Managers can request access to the Course Administration System (IRIS) by contacting their Regional Training Manager (RTM). Only one person per member union can have Union Training Manager Access.


The system has a number of different roles which can be assigned to users from our member unions. Each role has different permissions and functions available. These are as follows:

Union Training Manager

Union Training Managers can:

Union Administrator

Union Administrators can:

IRIS Backend User

IRIS Backend Users can:


Union Training Managers and Administrators are also able to view details of Licenced Educators and Trainers within their union, flitering by status, Quality Assurance (QA) stuatus, strand, level and time to expiry. Union Training Managers should liaise with their Regional Training Manager and Medical Education Manager on a monthly basis to review licences up for renewal. Once agreed, and subject to the Educator/Trainer meeting the criteria, the Regional Training Manager and / or Medical Education Managers will renew their licence. Should Educators or Trainers not meet the relicening criteria then their licence will not be renewed.