The HAINES manoeuvre

HAINES stands for “high arm in endangered spine”. It assists the lone rescuer in protecting the neck whilst moving the casualty. It effectively uses the arm as a splint for the head and neck whilst the casualty is being rolled, preventing them from sagging under their own weight.

It can be used in one of the following situations:

  1. An emergency log roll, e.g. the casualty needs to be moved to assess or sort out the airway
  2. The recovery position

As the casualty may be face down, face up or in an irregular position, the direction you roll the casualty may vary. For example:

  • If face down, it is probably easier to pull them up towards you.
  • If they are face up and vomiting, it is better to roll them away from you (so you aren’t covered in vomit).
  • If they are face up and you putting them in the recovery position, you may wish to roll them towards you.


Dr Jonathan Hanson demonstrates the HAINES manoeuvre