Welcome to the Coaching strand.

The online modules in this strand aim to:

We recommend that Coaches complete these modules prior to attending our Face-to-face coaching courses.

Further multi-lingual online learning modules and resources for coaches of children are available from our colleagues at

Introduction to coaching

The information contained in this module aims to provide coaches with the basic knowledge regarding the two different styles of coaching and how the coaching process can be broken down into four key ‘how’ to coach skills.

Coaching Children

Good coaches should be able to develop their players’ technical, tactical, mental, movement, physical, and lifestyle capabilities. This resource provides guidance to help you to do so.

Key Factor Analysis

Key factor analysis takes each of the skills of the Game and breaks it down into its component parts. To help players perform the skills of the Game correctly, they should be aware of the key factors of the skill and aim to perform them in the correct sequence.

Functional Role Analysis

Functional role analysis is a process that a coach can use to identify which role a player should select in a given situation.