Tackle Ready - a guide to safe and effective tackling.

Player welfare is World Rugby’s number one priority. We continually work to ensure our stakeholders can access high quality, up to date training and education opportunities supported by a wide range of resources to help them to make our game safer and better. With an average of 176 tackles per game, it is vital to ensure that all players (and coaches) can perform (and coach) the tackle safely and effectively. The Tackle Ready programme provides an in-depth framework which focuses on five key stages, each with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Programme aims.

The aim of the programme is to build on the safe tackling introduction provided in RugbyReady to increase technical understanding and mastery for both player and coach. This programme will allow coaches to analyse, coach, and assess the individual tackling skills of their players in detail and to foster the development of a “tackle culture” within their rugby environment.

What are the benefits of Tackle Ready?

Tackle Ready aims to introduce consistent terminology across the game, and to provide a deeper understanding of what makes a safe and effective tackle. It provides coaches and players with the specific tackle stages and detailed KPIs, which will develop the individual tackler and ball-carrier. Coaches should be able to use the resources to evaluate their current coaching methods and further develop their tackle coaching programme within their coaching environment. Using the programme should improve player’s technical proficiency, accuracy, confidence and tackle mindset, leading to safer performance in the tackle contest for both tackler and ball-carrier in training and in games.

How should Tackle Ready be used?

The five stages are appropriate for all levels of players, at every age and stage, from young beginner to adult club and through to the professional game. The five stages include specific drills and activities to help players to become fundamentally sound and offers suitable progressions for all levels.
Tackle Ready identifies skill-specific movement patterns relating to the core components of the tackle and takes them from a simple static form through to dynamic combined movements.
Tackle Ready is relevant for all ages and stages of players and should be coached as part of a holistic programme involving support staff (if available e.g. Strength & Conditioning, Medical, Psychology) to create a “tackle culture” within the rugby organisation.