'How' to coach

Traditionally, the focus of coach education has been based on the technical elements of the Game, e.g. techniques, skills, tactics, etc. This technical element is referred to as ‘what’ to coach. If we focus in on the work a coach does on the pitch, many of the skills are generic and across sport. These are referred to as the ‘how’ to coach skills. Some of the ‘how’ to coach skills are listed below:

  • Keep sessions fun
  • Keep participants safe
  • Explain and instruct
  • Provide demonstrations
  • Observation and analysis
  • Provide feedback
  • Enhance learning
  • Question and listen
  • Set and negotiate goals
  • Plan and prepare
  • Manage behaviour
  • Evaluate your own coaching

At Level 2, World Rugby has chosen to focus on four key ‘how’ to coach skills: