An Introduction to coachup and the six roles for high-performance coaching

This Introduction to High-Performance Coaching training programme will walk you through the six coaching roles which make up high-performance coaching. It will teach you the latest insights from neuroscience (brain research) and how to practically apply them in your coaching immediately.

What’s brain research got to do with rugby teams?

Rugby teams are social systems, and the players are people. Young or old, male or female, fit or unfit, each and every one of these people possess a brain capable of amazing performance, learning, skills and more adaption than ever thought possible. Yet every one of those player’s brains is also wired to need inclusion, be energy conserving, uncertainty and risk avoiding, and will treat belonging in the team as important as oxygen and water.

We have learned more about the human brain in the last five years than the last 1,000 years combined. These sometimes intuitive, but often startling, insights into the drivers of human behavior have been stubbornly slow to assimilate into sporting life, which has typically focused on the technical, tactical and the physical requirements to win. Neuroscience changes the game. It replaces the outdated thinking and its emphasis on individual technical skills, and instead brings emphasis to team dynamics to dramatically improve rugby teams. It’s time for brain-based rugby sports.

This training course offers rugby coaches the latest brain research as a practical framework. It is designed for coaches seeking to nurture high performing teams, whether that means winning or just to have fun.



Coaching for high-performing teams.

This Introduction to High-Performance Coaching training programme teaches us to focus on three areas that are needed to build a high performing team.


  • How we use team identity and in-group membership.
  • Building relationships and psychological safety to amplify teamwork and create the foundations for high performance.


  • How we use clarity and certainty to stay in a performance state.
  • Optimizing your players’ risk-mindset and scenario planning to create the conditions for optimum team flow.


  • How to motivate our players and team as a whole.
  • Coaching the team through powerful role-modelling and team influencers to keep raising the team performance bar.

The coachup model of high-performance coaching is the foundation of this training programme brought to you by World Rugby and