Accumulations of Yellow Cards/Citing Commissioner Warnings

These cases remain relatively rare in 15s though can be prevalent in 7s tournaments. There is specific guidance set out in Appendix 4 to Regulation 17 with respect to the various permutations depending on the combination of yellow cards and CCWs a player has received. The guidance suggests the sanction will usually be between 0 and three weeks. You can access the guidance at Appendix 4 to Regulation 17 on the World Rugby website: Regulations | World Rugby. As a rule of thumb (and subject always to the Disciplinary Committee’s discretion), where both/all yellow cards were issued for non-Foul Play offences then no further sanction will usually be appropriate; if only one (yellow card/CCW) was for Foul Play then one week may be appropriate; if two were for Foul Play then one to two weeks may be appropriate; and if two or more (e.g., over a series/ tournament) were for Foul Play then two to three weeks may be appropriate; in each case always based on an assessment of the conduct.