How should you conduct yourself and what should you wear at hearings?

Hearings are relatively formal given their importance to the player and team involved however they are not court rooms and it is important that although there needs to be a level of formality, the environment is not intimidating for players. It is preferable not to make comments on issues during the hearing (to avoid being accused of pre-judging the matter which could lead to an appeal) unless your comment is effectively a question whereby you are advising the player how you see an issue or the evidence and asking for his/her clarification/comment (e.g., if a player says he/she was trying to effect a legal driving tackle you could say that from the video you can see that his/her elbow appears to lift the player and ask for his/her comment). It is suggested that business attire/polo shirt is appropriate but, for men, there is no need to wear a tie.