On-field or Immediate assessment - Step 4 - Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale is used to identify mental deterioration. It is not included in the SCAT5© summary score but should be recorded during a sideline assessment for all players in case of subsequent neurological deterioration.

  Eyes Voice Motor
1 No eye opening No speech No movement
2 Eyes to painful stimulus Incoherent speech Extending (Decerebrate)
3 Opens eyes to voice Inappropriate words Flexing (Decorticate)
4 Spontaneously opens eyes Confused Withdraws from painful stimulus
5   Orientated Localised to painful stimulus
6     Obeys commands

A cervical spine assessment should be completed immediately with the athlete.

The 3 main areas of concern are:

  • Does the athlete report pain at rest?
  • If no, does the athlete have active pain free range of motion of the neck?
  • Is the limb strength and sensation normal?