Government measures to manage the COVID-19 outbreak

  • There are three main types of measure used to reduce the transmission of the virus (see table 1). To aid clarity, the combined Public gathering restrictions, Social distancing measures and Travel restrictions will be referred to as ‘PST’ measures.

Table 1: Public gathering restrictions

PST measure Example
Public gathering restrictions Limitation of public gatherings to various group sizes; <500, <250, <50, <20, <5, <2
Social distancing Social spacing directives (1-2 metre separation), self-isolation for all close contacts, closure of schools, non-essential shops and services closed, non-essential movement banned, non- essential production stopped, public spaces and parks closed, exercise & outdoor activities regulated
Travel restrictions Border closure, internal travel restrictions, mandatory self-quarantine following entry to country
  • These PST measures aim to reduce spread of the virus and they have been implemented differently around the world.
  • Release of each PST measure will support the re-introduction of different rugby activities facilitating a safe return to play, while balancing the risk of increased spread of COVID-19.