Staged return to Rugby

  • Return to playing rugby is dependent upon your government reducing each PST measure.
  • The release of PST measures will be gradual, and depend on local factors like Healthcare capacity, severity of infection peak, and immunity levels.
  • It is possible that reduction of PST measures will lead to surges in infection cases, requiring further re-introduction of a PST measure.
  • To assist each Union to manage their return to playing rugby, World Rugby has gathered PST measure data from 78 member Unions around the world. Using this data each Union is encouraged to discuss with Government representatives (pre-release of any PST measure) the link of each PST measure with different training levels and playing rugby. The aim is to guide Unions, Competitions and Clubs back to competitive rugby within the Government guidelines.
  • In the sections below we will outline a structure for a staged return to rugby training and play, but the basic principles of hygiene and social distancing will remain extremely important.
  • Your Union and Club will implement specific policies based on the framework in the sections below. For further details, please continue to read the rest of the document which is focused on the measures Unions Competitions and Clubs will need to put in place to allow for a return to training and playing in a way that minimises risks. The rest of this document contains a section designed for players, coaches and staff; and a section designed for administrators.