Match Observation Programme

The purpose of this online resource is to help various Rugby stakeholders to observe matches and match officials (MOs) more objectively. The resource can be used as an individual learning tool and it also acts as a prerequisite for the World Rugby Coach of Match Officials (CMO) course.

The resource specifically aims to help participants:

  • Identify the role of MOs in managing game situations
  • Identify playing positions, methods of scoring and attack and defence
  • Apply the principles of Rugby to the play of two competing teams
  • Identify key contest areas of the game
  • Observe passages of play and identify clear and obvious infringements
  • Identify why the whistle was or was not blown


The sections on the left will take you through these aspects of the Game with video examples to illustrate the topics covered.

Then, you'll watch or download a 40-minute half of Rugby - the first half of the match from which all the clips in this programme are taken - to do some analysis of your own.

When you've done your analysis, there is a multiple-choice exam to complete, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'EXAM' button in the panel on the left. Upon successful completion, you will be sent an awareness certificate by e-mail.