Referee preparation

Preparing to referee a game means being ready for the challenges ahead and the possible situations in which you will find yourself.

Match preparation has many elements: the appointment to the match, the organisation of travel, the packing of equipment, thoughts about the two teams and their players and the actual preparation in the changing room just after arrival. Match officials will not perform well in a game without preparation, regardless of the level or grade. Here are some elements of
proper match preparation:

  • Physical Conditioning. This includes endurance, speed, flexibility, strength and recovery.
  • Nutrition. Eat and live healthily. Ensure your diet is balanced.
  • Understanding the game - Try watching matches, attending practices, talking to coaches and players, and discussing laws and application with colleagues, etc.
  • Studying the laws - After you have made yourself familiar with the principles of the game, you should start studying the laws. Try using Laws of the game as a revision tool.

Always remember that unexpected things are bound to happen, both before kick-off and during the match itself.

Remember: stay calm, concentrate, and try to find a sensible solution for whatever you need.