• At each match, anti-doping tests may be performed on the players of each team. Two players from each team (including one reserve) are targeted for testing.
  • If either of the two principal players selected are unable to be tested (because they were taken to an external medical facility, for example) a reserve will be chosen.
  • The Chaperones are seated in close proximity to the players. Chaperones must follow the selected players for the entirety of the match. Once the match has ended, the Chaperones notify the players and escort them to the anti-doping room.
  • The Chaperones remain with the selected player without losing sight of him at any time, until testing has been performed. Once the player has been notified by the Chaperone, he has 60 minutes to go to the anti-doping station.

Anti-doping team

  • The Doping Control Officer (one per match) is responsible for collecting the samples.
  • The Chaperones (two per team) are responsible for notifying targeted players after the final whistle.