In any of the following situations, the Match Commissioner may have to warn a team member that a disciplinary report may be issued:

  • A team member behaves offensively towards any of the tournament organisation staff
  • A team / team member breaches Terms of Participation, for instance:
    • A team refuses to leave the dressing room at the time indicated in the run sheet
    • A team decides after the Captains’ Run to change the arrival time at the stadium for the match
    • Repeated breach of the Technical Zone rules
    • Repeated breach of the warm-up rules
    • A team has too many people on pitch side and the extras refuse to leave the pitch
    • Repeated breach of the Terms of Participation media rules (pre or post-match activities)
    • A team doesn’t attend a Captains’ Run or the team briefing at Captains’ Run without having informed the Match Commissioner
    • A team refuses to wear the kit that has been assigned for the match.