Cultural challenges

If the result of the two Captain’s Run Briefing meetings is that both teams intend to perform a cultural challenge, then you’ll need to conduct a coin toss to determine field position.

Where only one team is performing a challenge, no player from the team performing the challenge may cross their own 10m line and no player from the team receiving the challenge may cross the halfway line. It is not mandatory for the team receiving the challenge to face it.

Where both teams are performing challenges, one team may not cross half way and the other team may not cross their own 10m line - so the teams are always separated by at least ten metres.

The coin toss will decide the position for each team. The winner of the coin toss will be allowed to move until the halfway line and the other team will have to remain behind their own 10 metre line.

For the cultural challenges, teams must be positioned on the same halves of the field as for the kickoff of the match.

The Madagascar team perform their Haka before a Rugby World Cup 2015 qualifying match against Namibia