Captain’s Run times

The England team during a Captain’s Run at Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014

One of the first things you’ll want to establish is what times have been set for each team’s Captain’s Run.

A Captain’s Run is a training session which is led by the team captain rather than by a coach. Traditionally, it takes place the day before the game.

The Captain’s Run is an important element of the build up for the squads. It is also very useful for you, as Match Commissioner, because it brings so many of the key stakeholders to the match venue on the day before the game, thereby giving you a great opportunity to get everything set and organised.

The Tournament Organiser will set a time for each team to conduct their Captain’s Run. Normally an hour is appropriate.

At this stage, two days before the game, you need to check the Captain’s Run times and ensure they don’t clash. If any adjustments are necessary, make them now and communicate them immediately to the Team Managers.