Match documentation

This is a good chance to get copies printed of all the documentation you’ll need over the next couple of days.

For much of this documentation, you’ll need to get it from the tournament office or match organiser. Below are some examples of the different types of documentation you’re likely to need. Don’t worry if you don’t recognise some of these; you’ll encounter them as you work through the rest of this course.

  • Tournament Operations Run Sheet
  • Checklist for Match Organisation
  • Match Day Run Sheet
  • Agenda for Team Managers’ meeting
  • Seat kill check list
  • Captain's Run times
  • Blank copies of Match Score Sheet
  • Script for PA Announcer (if applicable)
  • Match stats from previous rounds
  • Pool standings
  • Pre-match meeting agenda
  • Crisis meeting agenda template (just in case!)
  • Ball pressure extract from Laws of the Game