The playing surface

Check with the pitch painters, perhaps through the Venue Manager or Match Manager, the schedule for pitch painting and touch ups.

You don’t want this to coincide with either of the Captains’ Runs, and in any case, it’s worth ensuring that this important task is in hand.

Playing enclosure dimensions

If you are preparing for an international match, check that the pitch markings meet the minimum sizes permitted for international matches:

  • Goal line to goal line 94 metres
  • Touch line to touch line 68 metres
  • Goal line to dead ball line 6 metres.

Where the perimeter area is less than 5 metres in width, you should undertake a risk assessment taking into consideration:

  • Is the risk minor/moderate/major? (This may depend on how small the perimeter area is)
  • What are the side walls made of – firm or demountable?
  • If firm, can they be padded?
  • Is there a ditch there?
  • If the dead ball line is close to the end wall, and the dead ball length is more than 6 metres, can the dead ball length be reduced?