Teams arrive

If possible, try to be on hand to welcome the teams on arrival and escort them to the dressing rooms. They may have played at the venue before but used a different dressing room, so you don’t want them to assume that the arrangements will be the same.

Confirmation of Team Declaration

The Match Press Officer will get sign off from the Team Manager on the Team Declaration provided 24 hours before kickoff. The MPO will then get it copied and distribute copies to:

  • you
  • the Citing Commissioner
  • Anti-Doping
  • the PA announcer
  • TV personnel
  • Match officials including 4th and 5th officials
  • Media Room.

Medical team check

Check Medical Team is in place and that an ambulance is on site.

Team clothing and equipment check

Around this time, the Match Officials will check the clothing and equipment of both teams. Be there, and manage any issues arising.