The Match Commissioner

The Match Commissioner will be a senior official at the match venue and will be responsible for matters related to the playing enclosure, the conduct of the match and the elements related to teams in the organisation of each match.

In the case of World Rugby tournaments, the Match Commissioner will be put in place by World Rugby and will therefore be a World Rugby Official. In the case of a regional or national tournament, the Match Commissioner will represent the regional or national body under whose jurisdiction the match is taking place.

The responsibilities of the Match Commissioner shall include decisions related to the delay of matches and implementation of such decisions in accordance with the Terms of Participation for the match or tournament in question.

The Match Commissioner will also adjudicate on Team Managers’ disputes where appropriate, including disputes regarding the three main areas of adherence to the match day run sheet, field of play and Terms of Participation.

Key skills and attributes

  • Ability to manage Rugby events and tournaments
  • Excellent verbal communications skills
  • Good inter-personal skills
  • Proven ability to operate in pressured situations
  • Excellent spoken English