Information you will need

Once appointed to a match, there's some basic information you’ll need to get hold of from the match organiser. The following list gives you an idea of the questions you could ask at this stage.

  1. What are the match venues details and kick-off time?
  2. Is the field of play surface artificial or natural?
  3. If it’s an artificial surface, is the pitch certified to World Rugby Regulation 22?
  4. What are the playing enclosure dimensions (including length, width, in-goal dimension and safety perimeter)?
  5. Is there any concern regarding the current conditions of the surface?
  6. Are there any concerns regarding weather conditions that could affect the pitch conditions in the build-up to the match?
  7. Who is the main point of contact at the host Union/venue (if different from the match organiser)?
  8. What are the team schedules (including arrival, departure, Captain Run schedules and teams’ whereabouts)?
  9. What are the Teams Manager’s points of contacts?
  10. When is the Team Manager’s meeting (if applicable)?
  11. Is there a list of key match staff such as Referees, Citing Commissioner, Judicial Officer, and Doping Control Officer (if applicable)?