Concussion Management for the General Public

Welcome to the World Rugby Concussion Management for the General Public online resource.

World Rugby takes Player Welfare very seriously and played a central role in the development of Consensus Statements on Concussion in Sport on which the World Rugby Concussion Guidance for the General Public, and therefore this learning resource, are based.

This resource is designed for anyone involved in Rugby - players, coaches, parents, teachers, match officials, spectators, and anyone else with a role or interest in the Game.

It is designed to ensure that players who suffer concussion are managed effectively to protect their long-term health and welfare.

Doctors and healthcare professionals are also recommended to complete this resource, firstly to provide some background information to the World Rugby Concussion Management Resource for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals, and secondly to understand what knowledge other individuals may have in situations you may encounter.

Thanks for their help in the production of this concussion resource go to:

  • Dr Simon Kemp, Head of Sports Medicine, RFU
  • Tim Holgate of London Scottish
  • Jon Bates and the Community Rugby Coaches of the RFU
  • Dr Colin Fuller