Basics of filming and capture

In this section we explore the key concepts of filming and capture. There are many factors that are common when filming training and matches, but there are specific considerations that are unique.

The common factors we must consider when filming are described in the table below.


What location from around the pitch do we need to film from? We can film from the side or the end of the pitch
Elevation How high do we need to be to film what we require? We should aim for at least five metres of elevation when filming from a static camera. Drones become extremely useful to capture overhead footage.
Width of field What is the maximum possible playing area we are required to fim? If filming a session that uses the whole pitch, we must not film from a positon where objects can obstruct our view as the play moves around the pitch.
Duration How long are we required to film for? If running on battery power, we must make sure all equipment is changed for long enough to record the whole session or match.