How analysis fits into the coaching process

Performance analysis has become an integral part of the coaching process in recent years. The role of the analyst is to measure performance through a consistent process whilst providing a learning environment for players to learn and develop. Within this learning environment, analysts assist in preparing teams and athletes for competition.

The figure below shows the traditional coaching process (modified from Franks et al, 1983. Analysis of performance:Qualitative or quantitative, Science Periodical on Research and Technology in Sport, March, GY-1.)

Effective extrinsic feedback can be used to complement the intrinsic feedback of the performance and accelerate the learning process. Historical studies have shown that coaches typically can only recall less than 45% of a performance from memory when no information was collected.

It is therefore important to create performance evaluation systems to consistently and objectively collect this information, removing bias from a performance. Performance analysis plays a crucial part in designing and working with these evaluation systems that assist coaches and teams in improving performance.