Elevation considerations and the use of drones

In order to capture an event, it is vital to film from the correct level of elevation. The figure below shows the benefits of filming from a higher elevation.

Should a team train in a consistent location, a scaffold tower can be erected next to the pitch which will allow the analyst to film at a greater angle across the pitch. If a team is fortunate to train in a stadium, the analyst has the flexibility to move around the stadium and film from different height locations depending on location and type of training being conducted.

Although costly, drones have become common tool used by analysts. The pixel quality of footage coupled with the elevation and the flexibility of movement around the pitch enable analysts to film training in greater detail than ever before. They can be used to film all types of sessions; scrum session directly over the scrum, lineout sessions from varying angles and team sessions looking at patterns and shape in attack and defence.
It must be noted that different countries have varying rules that apply to the flying of drones and anyone who intends on flying one must check with the local authorities for approval before flying.