Pre-match meeting and site inspection

The Pre-Match Meeting is held at the stadium three hours before the kick-off. This is a key meeting for the organisation of the match. It gathers all the stakeholders and is chaired by you, the Match Commissioner.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that all stakeholders are informed of the time and location of the meeting, and that copies of all the key documents are available at the meeting, including:

  • Agenda for the meeting
  • Match Day Run Sheet
  • Operations Run Sheet
  • Checklist for Match Organisation
  • Team Sheets.

The meeting must not take more than 30 minutes.

On the following pages, you’ll find a sample agenda for the Pre-Match Meeting. Read through it, and then at the end, download it for future reference.

Pre-match meeting agenda

To be present:

  • Match Commissioner
  • Match Commissioner’s Assistant(s)
  • Venue Manager
  • Venue Security Manager
  • Match Press Officer
  • Ball Boy/Girls Manager
  • Match Day Doctor
  • PA Announcer / DJ
  • Broadcast Production Manager / Production Assistant / Floor Manager.

1. Welcome and introduction

  • Confirm all present.
  • Synchronise time with all stakeholders.

2. System of work

Match Commissioner to report on:
  • Decision making process
  • Match day running order
  • Procedure in the event of a deviation from the running order, e.g., match runs over time
  • Identification of key staff to meet in the event of crisis situation.

3. Security / health and safety

Venue Security to report on:
  • Pre-meeting venue inspection
  • Numbers and locations of key security personnel
  • Evacuation protocol and communication to staff and spectators and follow up meeting with key staff
  • Each stakeholder to specify which are the persons allowed in the competition areas.

4. Medical

Match Day Doctor to report on:
  • Provision of medical facilities to teams and spectators to include:
  • Identification of medical personnel on duty
  • Location of medical room
  • Medical staff arrival at venue
  • Medical procedure in event of a player, spectator or venue emergency.
  • Head Injury Assessment protocol: role of referee, 4th & 5th officials, Match Day Doctor and Team Doctors.

5. Venue catering and cleaning operations

Venue Manager to report on:
  • Delivery of team water, ice and sports drinks to dressing room
  • Cleaning of technical zones, replacement seating areas and dressing room areas (showers etc) between matches if more than one match is being played today
  • Location of post match food and drink provision.

6. Broadcast and media operations

If a live broadcast is taking place, Host Broadcaster to report on:
  • “On Air” time
  • Camera positions
  • Pre and post-match interview operations
  • Pre-team arrival sweep of the change room
  • Lipstick camera on for 10 seconds between 5 and 8 mins before teams out
  • Confirm if lipstick camera will be on before teams out for the second half.
Match Press Officer to report on:
  • Numbers of accredited media expected
  • Presence and rights of non licensed broadcasters
  • Media Centre set up and facilities (PC, fax, photocopier, power, pens, paper etc.).
Match Commissioner to confirm:
  • Personnel cleared to make comments to the media
  • Procedure for any comment to the media in the event of a crisis / emergency.

7. Ball Boy/Girl Operations

Ball Boy/Girls Manager to confirm:
  • Receipt of match balls from Match Commissioner
  • Numbers of ball boys/girls
  • All ball boys/girls are trained and have required kit, including towels
  • Process for retaining balls at half time and collecting balls at full time for return to Match Commissioner or Assistant.

8. PA, music and protocol

PA, DJ and Match Commissioner to confirm:
  • Individuals involved and communication system
  • Running order and guidelines
  • Pre-match protocol
  • Big screen output and timing.

9. Match Officials

Match Commissioner to confirm:
  • Referee for each match
  • Filming of coin toss
  • TMO present for matches and trial of protocol.

10. Team arrangements

Match Commissioner to confirm:
  • Arrangements for matches running over time
  • Extra time and kicking competitions in knock out phases
  • Cultural challenges - one or both teams.

11. Final checks

Match Commissioner to confirm:
  • Decision making process
  • All staff accredited
  • Staff to share contact details
  • Procedure for matches running over time.

12. Any other business

Download this sample Pre-Match Meeting agenda

Site inspection

As soon as you have finished the Pre-Match Meeting, go on a final site inspection with the Venue Manager and Media Press Officer.

The itinerary is the similar to the site inspection you did yesterday, with a few extra points added that you can only check on match day. It should include:

  • Signage
  • Large screen
  • Allocation of dressing rooms, ice bins, massage tables
  • Match officials room
  • Medical room
  • Ambulance position
  • Anti-doping room
  • Bibs in place
  • Flag poles
  • Anthems ready
  • Media room
  • TV gantry
  • Seat kill according to agreed list
  • Sound system.