Your analysis

Now watch the following 40 minutes of match footage. It is one half of the match from which all the clips in this programme were taken.

You can watch the video here in your browser, or if you don't have the bandwidth for such a large clip to play smoothly, you can download to watch offline.

Using what you have learned in this resource, observe and collect evidence by recording your observations using the simple observation template below, or you can feel free to devise your own.

When you've completed your analysis, go to the next section, the Exam, where there are some multiple choice questions which will test your powers of observation and record keeping.


Download our observation template Watch the video here in your browser:

Or download the clip for watching offline (right-click and choose Save Target As):


Download MP4 video file Please note: how you play this clip offline will depend on your own device and its operating system. VLC Player is a good, free utility which is capable of playing this file.