Additional personnel

At larger rugby events, there may be other officials appointed by the competition/tournament organisers to ensure the games are run and managed as a whole. There may be some liaison between Technical Zone officials, and these other officials.

Match Commissioner

The Match Commissioner is the senior official at each match. They are responsible for matters relating to the playing enclosure, the conduct of the match, adherence to the relevant Terms of Participation and the elements related to teams in the organisation of each match. They can also act to assist in resolution of issues in other areas where appropriate.

The Match Commissioner will also adjudicate on Team Managers’ disputes where appropriate, including disputes regarding match day run times, team kit specifications, team arrivals, warm ups and Technical Zones.

For more information on this role, see our Match Commissioner Programme.

Match Manager

This role may also be known as the Sideline Manager.

A Match Manager and Assistant Match Manager may be appointed for each venue. They are the key operational contacts for the Match Commissioner, team operations and any issues relating to the playing enclosure and changing room areas.

They will manage the rugby competition requirements including equipment as they relate to the match venue, match day and stadium run.

They may liaise with the venue/stadium staff, Match Commissioners, team managers, match officials, medical staff both before, during and after a match or series of matches.