Technical Zone Manager (TZM)

The primary role is to oversee the people and processes involved within the Technical Zone.

The Technical Zone Manager should:

  • If present, oversee the Timekeeper/Recorder especially related to the specific actions below
  • Maintain records of replacements to ensure compliance with Law. This can be done electronically using the World Rugby Replacement Manager application (iOS) or using paper recording (or both) 
  • Ensure players serve the correct time for a temporary suspension and they sit in the assigned position/chair
  • Ensure players adhere to the correct time limits for blood replacements
  • Ensure players adhere to the correct time limits regarding temporary replacements for Head Injury Assessments (HIA)
  • Report any actions contrary to Law or the Technical Zone regulations to the Match Referee
  • After the match, report any acts of misconduct to the Referee/Match Commissioner as appropriate
  • Be in a position to replace an Assistant Referee should they be needed.