Replacements Controllers (RC)

There is usually one Replacements Controller per Technical Zone.

Their primary role is to manage their respective Technical Zone. They work closely with each team’s management for efficient operation of replacements and then liaise directly with the referee. They may often be known as Assistant Referee 4 and Assistant Referee 5 (AR4/5)

The Replacements Controllers should:

  • Establish positive relationships with the relevant team manager or the person administering the replacements for a team
  • Receive the replacement cards from the team manager and check that it has been fully completed and confirms whether the change is a replacement for injury or tactical reasons.
  • Communicate with the Technical Zone Manager that a player is being replaced and receives acknowledgement from the Referee that this may occur
  • Communicate with the Technical Zone Manager that a suspended player is returning to the field of play and waits for the signal from the Referee
  • Ensure that a player entering the field of play does not do so until a replaced player starts moving and is clearly identified. They can use an electronical signal board for the benefit of spectators
  • Ensure that replacements warm-up in the appropriate in-goal area and do so without balls or equipment. In some arenas there may be warming-up space between the dead-ball line and the stadium seating. If this is the case, balls and equipment may be used with due regard to game play and fan experience.
  • Ensure that water carriers remain in the Technical Zone until they are permitted on the field of play.
  • Ensure that water is provided to players in accordance with the Law 6 and the relevant Technical Zone guidance.
  • Ensure that medical personnel roam on the permitted sides of the pitch in accordance with Law 6.
  • Ensure personnel not permitted in the Technical Zone do not enter
  • Involve the Match Day Doctor/Immediate Care Team if required
  • Manage any breaches of the protocols. If breaches continue, they should be reported to the Referee or Match Commissioner
  • If the Referee or an Assistant Referee is injured and needs to be replaced, the Replacements Controllers can be used.