Timekeeper (TK)

The Timekeeper should keep manual time of the match.

The Timekeeper may be situated by the side of the pitch with other officials or be positioned elsewhere in the stadium.

The Timekeeper should:

  • Monitor and record actual time (i.e. from first kick off to half time)
  • Monitor and record playing time in accordance with Referee verbal commands or signals (i.e., time on/time off)
  • Communicate time with Referee if agreed – either relating to playing time, or with regards to kicking time restrictions if a visible shot clock isn’t available in a stadium
  • Be vigilant to the scoring of tries/penalties within the last two minutes of play in each half to ensure play is, or is not, restarted, as per Law 5 and Law 8
  • Restart kicks which only occur if the team scoring a try within the last 90 seconds (30 seconds in Sevens) takes the kick with time on the clock. The match will then end at the next stoppage within Law. Time is taken from the strike on the ball. A time-out for replacement purposes will not affect this.
  • Manage any shot clocks in operation as per Law 8 time limits – Scoring.