World Rugby is proud to provide a host of resources to assist people around the world involved in Rugby. One of those resources that helps to improve and standardise processes in a range of areas within the sport is Rugby Ready.

This programme was launched in October 2007 to educate, aid and support players, coaches, match officials, administrators and Unions on the importance of sufficient preparation for training and playing in order for Rugby to be played and enjoyed while reducing the risk of serious injury. Ultimately, it is about player welfare at all levels of the Game.

We all have a collective responsibility to manage the welfare of the ever-increasing number of men, women and children who play the Game at all levels around the world and to ensure that the Game maintains its core principle of fair play, which is central to its global appeal.

Since its inauguration, Rugby Ready has established a strong profile as a leading global education resource for the Game’s stakeholders in the important areas of match preparation, technique, injury prevention, management and discipline. Rugby Ready supplements programmes successfully delivered by some World Rugby Member Unions.

The Rugby Ready handbook is available not only in the three official languages of World Rugby – English, French and Spanish – but also several others. Consult the website - - for an up-to-date list of language provision and resources.

Rugby Ready is widely available to the global Rugby family so that players, coaches, match officials, administrators and Unions all over the world can enjoy Rugby to the fullest.

Other World Rugby resources

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It is important to highlight that, in order to gain best use from Rugby Ready, you should use it in conjunction with other World Rugby programmes, such as the ones detailed below.