Under-18 (Age 16–18 years)

The Under-18 version of Activate can be used by players aged 16 to 18 years-old and can be used as part of training sessions and pre-match warm-up routines.

The programme should take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

This programme is comprised of four levels designed to be progressed once players can complete all exercises with good control, balance, and technique. This may take between four and eight weeks to achieve for most players. Exercises are designed to become more challenging when moving through the levels to develop players' physical abilities.

Coaches should remember the "Key Activate 8" coaching cues and use these as appropriate to coach players in performing the exercises with good posture and control. These cues include:

  • Head Neutral / Head Lifted
  • Chest Up
  • Pinch the shoulders together
  • Shoulders level with hips
  • Brace through the trunk
  • Soft Knees
  • Hip, Knee, Ankle in line
  • Knee over toes