Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activate?

Activate is a structured, progressive exercise programme that is designed to be used as part of training sessions and pre-match warm-up routines.

The programme was developed using scientific evidence and expert opinion, whilst feedback from active coaches helped to ensure that the programme is suitable to use across community-level rugby settings.

There are four versions of Activate:

  • Under-15 (Age 13–15 years)
  • Under-16 (Age 15–16 years)
  • Under-18 (Age 16–18 years)
  • Adult (Age 18+ years)

Each version contains several progressive levels to be used throughout the playing season... more

What are the benefits of using Activate?

Using Activate with players will help to develop and improve their:

  • General movement control and skill
  • Conditioning and athletic performance 
  • Physical robustness... more

How should Activate be used?

Activate can be used at the beginning of and during training, as well as part of a pre-match warm-up. The youth programme should take 15-20 minutes to complete and the adult programme should take 20-25 minutes to complete once players and coaches are familiar with the exercises... more

How should Activate be coached to players?

For Activate to be effective, players need to perform the activities with appropriate control, balance, and technique. Coaches leading the programme play a key role in monitoring their players, communicating key coaching points to improve performance, and ensuring exercises are completed with good form... more

What sort of exercises are included in a typical phase of the Activate programme?

The types of training methods within both youth and adult versions of the programme typically include: running and change of direction-based activities, lower limb balance training, plyometrics and landing activities, and bodyweight and partner resistance training... more

Where can I go to learn more about Activate?

There are a number of sources of information that can help you to understand more about Activate... more