Part D

Landing, change of direction, and plyometric training to develop power and control

Crossover Side Step and Sway
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 3 / side
Coaching Points:
  • Begin by standing with feet shoulder-width apart
  • On coach's cue, perform a crossover step to the left or right
  • Plant the outside foot and perform a crossover step back to the start position
  • Alternate between moving to the left and right with each repetitionKey Cues:
  • Chest up
  • Hip, knee, ankle in line
  • Knee over toes

Pogo Jumps
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 16
Coaching Points:
  • Maintaining a slight bend in the knees, bound up and down on the balls of the feet
  • Try to minimise the time that feet spend in contact with the ground
Key Cues:
  • Hip, knee, ankle in line
  • Soft knees