Part D

Landing, change of direction, and plyometric training to develop power and control

Run, Step, and Stick
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 2 / side
Coaching Points:
  • From standing start, accelerate up to 50% pace
  • Take-off from one foot and jump to side to land on the other foot
  • Continue to run forward and alternate between jumping from the left and right legs
Key Cues:
  • Brace through the trunk
  • Hip, knee, ankle in line
  • Soft knees

Standing Plyo Press Up
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 4
Coaching Points:
  • In pairs, stand facing each other. Player two adopts a braced position while player one leans against player two using their arms
  • Player one slowly leans forward towards player two, taking the weight through their arms
  • Player one explosively pushes away from player two before catching them-self through their arms
Key Cues:
  • Chest up
  • Brace through the trunk