Part D

Landing, change of direction, and plyometric training to develop power and control

Partner Jump and Bump
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 4
Coaching Points:
  • In pairs, stand side-by-side 1-metre apart
  • At the same time, jump towards each other so that the should contact each other
  • Land squarely on both feet in a partial squat position
Key Cues:
  • Chest up
  • Hip, knee, ankle in line
  • Soft knees

Plyo Press Up
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 8
Coaching Points:
  • Start in press up position
  • Slightly bend and then explosively extend the elbows to push the body away from the ground
  • Clap hands in the air before catching with the elbows slightly bent
Key Cues:
  • Shoulders level with hips
  • Brace through the trunk