Part D

Landing, change of direction, and plyometric training to develop power and control

Side Hop and Hold
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 4 / side
Coaching Points:
  • From standing on one leg, hop sideways to the left or right and land on the other leg in a one leg stance
  • For example: when standing on the left leg, hop to the right and land on the right leg.
  • Alternate between hopping left and right
Key Cues:
  • Chest up
  • Hip, knee, ankle in line
  • Knee over toes

Kneeling Drop Catch
Sets: 1 Repetitions: 6
Coaching Points:
  • From kneeling position, slowly fall forward with arms reaching forwards
  • Use arms to catch the body with elbows slightly bent and return to start
Key Cues:
  • Chest up
  • Pinch the shoulders together