What is Activate?

Activate is a structured, progressive exercise programme that is designed to be used as part of training sessions and pre-match warm-up routines.

The programme was developed using scientific evidence and expert opinion, whilst feedback from active coaches helped to ensure that the programme is suitable to use across community-level rugby settings.

There are four versions of Activate:

  • Under-15 (Age 13–15 years)
  • Under-16 (Age 15–16 years)
  • Under-18 (Age 16–18 years)
  • Adult (Age 18+ years)

Each version contains several progressive levels to be used throughout the playing season.

All versions of the programme share a similar structure and contain the same types of training activities:

  • balancing and hopping exercises to improve general movement control
  • body weight and partner resistance exercises to develop lower and upper body strength and control
  • plyometric exercises to develop lower and upper body power
  • landing and side-stepping to develop control and technique when performing these activities during play

Research has shown that the programme can reduce the number of injuries to muscles and ligaments (by 26-40%) and the number of concussions (by 29-60%) in youth and adult community-level rugby players. Using the programme more frequently has also been shown to further lessen injury risk.