Warm-up, cool-down and flexibility

In this module, flexibility, and the methods to train flexibility will be introduced. Flexibility is an important component of fitness to train in children and this module discusses when it is suitable to include flexibility work in the training session.

The principles and theory of warm-up for children will also be introduced. Practical examples of drills and exercises that could be used in a warm-up for child rugby players will be provided in this module.

The cool-down and its importance to training will be examined and practical examples of exercises that could be used in a cool-down will also be provided.

By the end of this module the coach should be able to plan and design a warm-up and cool-down for the child rugby player. The coach should also have an appreciation of why these sections of the training session are important. The coach should also understand the importance of flexibility training for this age group and at what stage of the training session is best to include flexibility training.