Advanced Conditioning for Rugby (Pre-Level 2)

This course aims to build on the content of the Level 1 courses (Children, Youth and Adult) and provide key training concepts and strategies to physically prepare players for the demands of the game.

This course will provide a deeper insight into the physical capacities required to play the game and the demands that are placed on the body during the game. The course also aims to provide the coach with actionable training strategies and gym and pitch-based activities, to be utilised with their players. On completion of this course, the coach should be able to plan and deliver training programmes that will improve their players’ physical capabilities and on-pitch performance.

This online course consists of seven modules, each with multiple choice questions for you to answer:

  1. Player Profile
  2. Functional Screening and Dynamic Testing
  3. Injuries in Rugby
  4. Programme Management and Player Monitoring
  5. Game Based Conditioning
  6. Resistance Training for Rugby
  7. Gamespeed.