Introduction to conditioning – Adult (pre-level 1)

This course is designed to provide coaches with a basic knowledge and understanding and a foundation of practical skills with regards to conditioning practices for the adult rugby player.

This course builds on the Conditioning Youths module and it will show how best to train and develop the adult rugby player. This will allow coaches to plan and design appropriate sessions to develop their players’ ability to play and compete physically in the game of rugby

In the course, we include six Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQs). The MCQ consists of six questions that all relate to the content described within each module. We have one MCQ placed at the end of each module. The MCQs are intended to help you assess how well you understood the module. When you have answered all the questions, you will be given feedback as to your knowledge of the preceding content. 

Good luck and enjoy the challenge.

The course consists of 5 modules:

  • Game demands
  • Functional screening
  • General conditioning
  • Integrated conditioning
  • Managing the training plan

This course aims to provide the coach with knowledge and practical skills to implement in their planning and delivering of conditioning sessions for adult rugby players. In the game demands module, the physical demands of the game will be examined providing a direction for training. The functional screening module progresses from the overhead squat screen covered in the Conditioning Youths module and details further simple screening tests that the coach can utilise. The general conditioning module focusses on resistance training and advanced speed and agility training. The integrated conditioning module focuses on incorporating rugby skills into conditioning sessions. Finally, the module on managing the training plan focusses on how to plan, implement, and adjust a conditioning training plan for the adult rugby player.