Sport specific movement activity

Any direction pass tag – the players are split into teams and can pass the ball in any direction to their teammates. The aim is to catch the ball behind the opposing teams’ try line for one point. The team with the most points wins. If the player gets tagged or drops the ball possession is switched over.

Evasion gauntlet – several players side-step across a channel keeping a slow, steady pace. The other players line up and one-by-one should run the channel holding the ball and avoiding running into the players that are sidestepping, the players then get swapped around so all get a chance to run.

Piggy in the middle – one or two players are in the middle and several players are around them. The players around the ‘piggies in the middle’ should pass the ball amongst themselves and the piggies have to intercept the ball, tag them whilst holding the ball or make them drop the ball. When any of these happen the piggies leave the middle and outside players take on this role.