One of the numbered lists will be randomly displayed. If you wish to switch to a different list, simply tap the A/B icon. Once you are ready, press play to begin the test. The numbers will appear on the screen at a rate of one per second, read them as they appear.

The player will recall the numbers in the reverse order to how you delivered them. If they correctly recall the string of numbers, the next string length will be displayed. Repeat this process until they either fail twice at any one string length or successfully recall a string of six digits.

If they fail at a certain string length, they will get a second chance to recall that same length of numbers with different digits. However, if you fail twice at the same string length, the test will end.

The score will be compared to their baseline score, or if they don't have one, to standardized norms. The mode will display as either abnormal or normal depending on the score.